Really Seeing

A few weeks ago one of my daughters, who is six years old, had an appointment with the eye doctor. We realized that her eyesight is pretty bad and she needed glasses. A few weeks before her appointment she admitted to us that she could not see clearly.  I used the word “admitted” because she had not wanted to tell us that everything far away looked blurry to her because she thought we would be upset.  Her comment when she put her new glasses on for the first time was, “everyone has eyes now.”

Now I am constantly watching her look at things with “new eyes.”  She was riding with me today to pick up some pizza and she as we drove along the river she quietly watched out of the window. I can’t imagine how differently everything looks to her now that she can see more clearly.

I think that’s how it is with us when we don’t know the truth about God. Before we know God we only know what we have seen and experienced. Eliana never knew what she was missing until her new glasses improved her vision. If I didn’t know about God I think my “sight” would be very limited. I would not see God’s love in everything I see, everything I do, and everything I experience throughout my days.  If I didn’t know about God I would not see beyond what is immediately in front of me to the bigger picture of how God is working in and through every aspect of my life.

I pray that my “sight” would be more and more clear as I learn to see through God’s eyes.

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Jia | Muncie, Indiana | High School Senior Photography

You can’t even tell that on this particular afternoon the temperature didn’t reach 40 degrees! The sunshine and Jia’s warm personality made this photo shoot extra fun!

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